PixelOver uses parent-child objects system which mean objects transform (position, rotation, …) depends of parent transform.


Scene tree

The scene tree displays all the object depending their hierarchy. Objects can be multi selected with shift or ctrl and reordered with drag’n’drop.

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1. Canvas

Canvas is the place when elements are displayed. Canvas size is displayed with a white rectangle (when unselected) it will be the rectangle which will be exported.

Import images

Canvas only accepts layers as children.

2. Layer

Layers separate objects. Also, a layer can have shader effects represented with this icon Import images. If the shader icon is blue, it means it is selected and the shader properties appear in shader panel.

Clipping mask

Layer can be used as clipping mask of another layer. Enable clipping mask and choose another layer to use it or drag’n’drop the layer directly into another one.

2D Layer

2D Layers only accepts 2D objects as children.

3D Layer

3D layer has camera properties, projection type and rotation. Some presets are already set but settings are available.

It also has settings for environment and sun light.

3D Layers only accepts 3D objects as children.

3. Objects

Visual objects have visibility property.

Most of them can also emit particles (image, animated image, shapes and 3D model).

2D Objects

A 2D Object has 2D transform properties (position, rotation, scale, skew).


Shape is a simple rectangle.

Corner can be rounded to make rounded rectangle or circle.


An image is an object with an image resource.

Resampling filters are applied when image is transformed (rotated or scaled).

Animated Image

An animated image is like an image with an animated image resource.


Gradient can be used to fill shapes, images or shader lines color.


A bone as special transform tool which help for animations.

Also bones can have transformation constraints as Inverse Kinematics

3D Objects

A 3D Object has 3D transform properties (position, rotation, scale).

3D Container

3D container is a empty 3D object which englobe their children so it is easy to be manipulated.

3D Shape

3D shape can be a cube, a sphere or a cylinder.

Color of the shape can be modified.

3D Model

A 3D Model is created using a mesh resource.

3D Scene

Scene with one or multiple 3D models. The models can be rigged and have animations. This is like a pack handled as one object so it can be easily synchronized when modified externally.

In the future 3D scene could be fully imported to be able to modify the objects and the bones.

3D Bone

A bone as special transform tool which help for animations.

Z Order tree

Z Order tree shows the display order between layers depending of Z layers and hierarchy and display order of objects in each layer.

Z Order tree