Files can be imported with File>Open or by drag’n’drop above project tabs to add files in new project, under project tabs to add files in current project.


Supported files

Pixelover project

PixelOver project uses .pixelover extension. It can contain all the resources used in the project (this can be disabled in the settings of any resource or globally), so it can be moved without breaking the project.

Pixelover shader

PixelOver shader uses .poshader or .shadercfg extensions. It is used to sore layer effects preset.


Main image formats are supported in PixelOver for the importation (.png,.jpg/jpeg,.bmp,.webp). Importing this will create an image object. Multi images can be imported the software will ask if these images should be separated or combined in an animated image object.

Import images

Multi images can be sorted with Sort menu or with drag’n’drop.

Sprite sheet

Sprite sheet image can be imported with File>Open sprite sheet and automatically split into multi images.

Import sprite sheet

Animated image

For the moment only GIF is supported as animated image format, importing this will create an animated image object.

3D model

Format which contains a mesh (.obj and .vox). Importing this will create a 3D model object.


Format which store multiple materials (.mtl). For .obj, .mtl with same file path will be automatically imported or you can directly import the both in same time.

In the future, materials will be manageable.

3D Scene

Formats which can store multiple 3D models (Only .gltf/glb is supported for the moment). Importing this will create a 3D scene object.